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What we do

The Thriftees Staff

“ We are a locally family owned business that enjoys dealing with all kinds of stuff and all kinds of people.”

U of M alum & business wizard, Genya took the next step in his entrepreneurial voyage and founded Thriftees. With his Twin Cities roots & social prowess, he is the glue that holds this shop together. He ain't no business man; he IS a business... man.



Truth be told, ShulfCat rules. A Retail Merchandising major at the U, her merchandise experience is quickly becoming an expertise. You'll surely find the perfect ugly Xmas sweater to win that contest– just let the ShulfCat guide you.

Resident musician & pop culture aficionado, Graham teamed up with Genya to start something awesome on campus. Whether you're in need of advice on which cassette brand sounds best or just a casual conversation about RoboCop vs. The Terminator, he's the dude.


Get In Touch

Feel free to contact us with any question you may have whether it be any inventory we might carry or be able to get for you or pricing or anything else that you are wondering about.

Send us a Message. We love questions and constructive criticism!

Contact Information


1506 Como Ave SE
Minneapolis, Minnesota

P: (612) 787-7543


In-store Services

Do we take donations? Yes.

Do we offer consignment? Yes.

Online Services

Do we sell merchandise online? Yes, click here!



Do we have parking? Yes, on-street parking is available along Como Ave.

Special Offers


Do we have themed party/holiday sales? Yes!